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Kudos & Congratulations - March 2018

Congratulations to Monte Shaw (Network & Communications Infrastructure) and Elliot Fenech (Service Management) for winning the February 2018 prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

I would like to thank Chris Martineau, Vaibhav Narula, Ralph Howland, and Bryce Fox for their work on the ePCS to Duo cutover. I would also like to thank Cody Jones and Andrew Zeisler for their incredible support at the numerous Duo enrollment booths we held at various UHealth locations. This transition would not have been successful without the efforts of everyone involved. Thanks again to all for your hard work and dedication!

~ Rachael Sheedy, Project Management Office

I would like to recognize Tyler Sauer, Nathan Eldredge, and John Wood for the work they have done to assist the voice team with the VoIP issues we have had over the last couple of months. They have willingly gone the extra mile to help identify the issues causing the problems. They assisted in setting up packet capture devices and deploying them to the locations where needed. They also spent a great deal of time going over the packet captures to help identify the issues.

~ Brent Ridgeway, Network & Communications Infrastructure

Kudos to Lee Shuster (Monitoring), Victor Morales (Monitoring), and Rick Titus (Network Edge)! They have been pivotal with getting log alerting up and rolling for the network operations center (NOC). Thank you! Thank you! We are excited to make another step towards better proactive work on the operations front!

~ Tyler Sauer, Network & Communications Infrastructure

Kudos to CHPC staff members for their roles in making the Open Science Grid (OSG) All Hands Meeting 2018, held at the U March 19-22 with an international audience of over 90 people, a success. OSG facilitates access to distributed high throughput computing for research, and the all-hands meeting brings together researchers, systems-facing, user services, and software developers together to outline successes and plan for the future. We want to specifically acknowledge Colette Durrant for her work in the organization and planning for the meeting. In addition, we want to thank Irvin Allen for his assistance with the A/V needs as well as Colette, Irvin, Amanda Allen, and Crystal Young for their help throughout the meeting.

~ Julia Harrison, Center for High Performance Computing

Amy Talbot is doing a wonderful job with the Student Health renovations. Thank you so much.

~ Beth Sallay, Network & Communications Infrastructure

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