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Governance roundup for November

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

November 1 • Agenda

  • TLT director Jon Thomas reviewed the top priorities for learning spaces funding allocations, as well as what's currently being done to address each priority.
  • Patrick Tripeny, director for the Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE), gave an update on what CTLE is currently doing to support faculty and using technology in the classroom.
  • Paul Burrows (TLT) reviewed this year's learning spaces proposals plan of action and list of critical dates.
  • Brett Puzey (TLT) presented a proposal on standardizing A/V equipment in classrooms across campus.

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

November 15 • Agenda • Summary

  • The committee voted to approve the plan to move forward with transitioning all student email accounts over to the cloud, with the plan being to revisit the topic once all email accounts have been moved (and again six months following that date).
  • TLT director Jon Thomas reviewed this year's process for allocating learning spaces fund and covered critical dates to watch for over the next 4-6 months. There was a lively discussion that followed regarding which items should remain in the "do-not-request" category, and the committee asked the Teaching & Learning portfolio to go back and review some specific items again, as well as determine what the original policy states regarding what can and cannot be funded.
  • Interim CISO Corey Roach gave a brief update on two-factor authentication, stating the deadline has been moved to December 28 in order to better accommodate some potential issues with instructors and student employees during finals week.
  • The committee voted to approve the creation of a new web governance committee, as well as to endorse the holistic web strategy presented by Paula Millington. 
Last Updated: 6/12/19