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TLT employees find friends and more on kickball team

Kickball team led by Hemingway, team captain (4th from left).

By Emily Rushton

What are you doing this winter to stay active? Why not join a sports league and play with your fellow TLT colleagues, Jake Dahdah and Pete Hemingway?

Dahdah and Hemingway, both Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) employees, have been playing in sports leagues with Beehive Sport & Social Club for some time now – and last season they unintentionally found themselves on a brand new kickball team with a group of strangers.

“Not a lot of people on the team knew each other,” said Dahdah, TLT’s equipment services supervisor. “We got pretty lucky because everybody was really outgoing.”

Dahdah had originally signed up with Beehive as a free agent, which means he would’ve been assigned to any team that needed an additional player. But when there were enough free agents to form an entire kickball team, that’s what happened instead – and Hemingway, TLT’s video services supervisor, was named team captain.

Jake Dahdah

The team’s first game was also the first time the teammates had all met together – so it was just a little chaotic.

“On the first day I said hey, I’ll be there a half hour early, and I’m the guy in red,” Hemingway said, laughing.

It didn’t take long, though, before the team got to know each other.

“I think that people on the team became better friends than we even expected,” said Dahdah.

“I think they were probably closer than most teams,” added Hemingway. 

So close, in fact, that the majority of players agreed to sign up for the team again the following summer. Hemingway even met his girlfriend on the team.

Pete Hemingway

Kickball isn’t the only league Dahdah and Hemingway are a part of, though. Hemingway is playing on three teams currently – cornhole, futsal, and flag football. Dahdah is also playing flag football, and thinking about joining the indoor volleyball team this winter. Both are planning on playing kickball again in the spring.

“It gives you something to look forward to doing in the evening,” said Dahdah. It’s more of a social thing than a competitive thing.”

Hemingway agreed.

“Especially in the fall, when you’re bored during the week and it gets dark early, it’s kind of nice to do something in the evenings.”

Interested in livening up your winter schedule with an after-work activity? Check out the Beehive registration page for teams to join.


The team during superhero theme week.

Last Updated: 5/30/17