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Kudos & Congratulations - November 2017

Congratulations to Matt Leatham (Software Platform Services) and Peter Monson (Network and Communications Infrastructure) for winning the October 2017 prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Thanks again to Chris Stucker, Chad Thurman, Tim Goodale, and Corey Roach for being willing to sit through the detailed NSF/PPO site visit for the PAWR POWDER project on Thursday. Your respective presence was invaluable to show the team effort and to be available for the best answers. 

I heard multiple times from multiple members of the group how impressed they were with the great support of the project.

~ Joe Breen, Center for High Performance Computing

CHPC gives kudos to Alan Wisniewski for the important contributions he makes to our operation. Alan’s tireless efforts to handle the logistics of the CHPC portion of the Downtown Data Center are so very appreciated! He oversees and ensures that racks are prepped for new equipment including power, network infrastructure and sensors. He keeps track of the rack layouts and also plays an important role in monitoring the environment. Thank you Alan for all you do and the critical role you play at CHPC!
We also want to thank John Radford, a part-time student employee (part of the student program run by Elliot Fenech), who works with Alan Wisniewski and other mentors at CHPC. John has learned much about managing PDUs, and interaction with hardware via SNMP. He is helping with monitoring as well as chassis configs of HP Blades. We want to give kudos to John for the contribution he’s making to operations at CHPC. Thank you John!

~ Julia Harrison, Center for High Performance Computing

Applause and a job well done to John Wood from the UIT Network Core team who went above and beyond helping a department move to new IP space and get their services set back up over the past couple of days. A server host was being moved by the departmental owners and John spent many hours onsite and on the phone assisting them so the move could go as smoothly as possible. Preparations for this move even included phone assistance with the user while John and I were serving as onsite IT insurance at the Utah vs. Washington State football game on Saturday the 11th of November. Thanks John for all that you've done and continue to do. You're a great asset to the team and always so willing to dive into the weeds and help other through it.

~ Tyler Sauer, Network & Communications Infrastructure

Big thanks to both Matt Munro and Monte Shaw for helping me get a new desktop machine set up and working perfectly. You were both so helpful any time I had questions or needed help with something. Thank you!

~ Emily Rushton, Strategic Communication

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