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IT Governance roundup

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

November 20, 2018 • Agenda

  • Pat Hanna, professor of philosophy and linguistics, gave an update on the university's World Wide Web Resources Policy 4-003, which is in the process of being rewritten. In September 2017, the Enterprise Web Advisory Committee (EWAC) approved a subcommittee to move forward with this policy revision and has been reviewing and providing regular feedback since. The latest draft has been approved by EWAC. SITC members talked at length about accessibility and to what extent web applications will be covered under the new policy. Hanna asked SITC members to review and provide feedback on the latest version, noting that EWAC will have further discussions around how the policy will be implemented and consult with the Office of General Counsel on a set of policy questions.

  • CIO Steve Hess presented an overview of updates made to the campus IT strategic plan for the 2018-2020 fiscal years. The plan is intended to align IT services with the university's strategic goals. Hess noted that the IT strategic plan, which provides an overarching roadmap for future IT initiatives, was spurred by a Deloitte Consulting assessment and informed by sources such as EDUCAUSE third-party data. The committee approved the plan.
  • Chris Stucker, associate director of Identity and Access Management, gave an update on a project to archive inactive Active Directory-based accounts. The plan is designed to streamline centrally-administered AD-based account management and reduce risk for the University of Utah. It impacts users who are not current employees, students, or affiliates, and who have not accessed their accounts in the past 18 months, in addition to other criteria. Stucker presented on this topic at the September 18 SITC meeting, where he was asked to return with a formal execution plan. Stucker gave on overview of the communications plan. The committee approved the plan, which entails UIT Strategic Communication pursuing various communication channels, including two versions of an email — one to university stakeholders, and a second to targeted users identified as having inactive AD-based accounts. These were distributed ahead of a December 18, 2018 go-live date.
  • Deputy CIO Ken Pink gave an update on the progress of the university’s Advancement CRM project. Use cases with the College of Law, Pink said, are currently being evaluated. Pink also updated committee members on a new enterprise software policy for the U. SITC first approved the policy concept in May 2018, in addition to the latest version of the policy. SITC has received feedback on the latest additions to the policy, which Pink will take back to the Institutional Policy Committee. These were both information-only items.
  • Jon Thomas, director of Teaching & Learning Technologies, gave a brief overview of Canvas Catalog, an add-on module to the Canvas environment that creates certificates for completed training activities. Thomas asked SITC members to report back to him if they see an opportunity to use this PeopleSoft-integrated feature outside of TLT.
  • The next SITC meeting is tentatively scheduled to be held on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. in the Winder Boardroom, Park Building.

Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC)

November 26, 2018 • Agenda

  • Stuart Moffatt, associate director for Emergency Management, presented a proposal to expand the capability of Campus Alert (the university's mass notification system) to include notifications to desktops in student, staff, and faculty spaces on lower campus. Campus Alert currently has numerous ways to push notifications, including social media, email, and most effectively, SMS, which is capable of delivering 75,000 alerts in three to five minutes. The committee approved Moffatt's proof of concept, and he will conduct a pilot program to deploy and test the additional desktop method.
  • Dan Thornley, associate director for Quality Assurance in University Support Services, gave a brief history and the current state of GIS at the university and proposed creating a subcommittee to address GIS strategy, projects, and issues moving forward. After some discussion, the committee approved the request.
  • Mike Ekstrom, director for Network and Communications Infrastructure, updated the committee on the timing and next steps regarding a backend environment upgrade for UMail. Ekstrom also presented an update on Utah SB189, the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act, which passed this last legislative session. The bill gives wireless cell carriers the right to petition cities for access to install small-scale antennas on existing infrastructure, under certain conditions. 
  • Trevor Long, associate director for UIT Network & Core, delivered a progress update on the university’s wireless network strategy. Long also updated the committee on the Network Architecture Community of Practice. The committee approved him moving forward with an implementation plan related to protect-by-default recommendations. Long will come back to ANTC to present the formal execution plan for approval at a later date.

  • The next ANTC meeting will be held on Monday, January 28, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Dumke Conference Room, Eccles Broadcast Center.

Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP) 

  • The next TLP meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in MLIB 5201, Marriott Library.

Enterprise Web Advisory Council (EWAC)

  • The next EWAC meeting will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m in the Dumke Conference Room, Eccles Broadcast Center.
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