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Governance roundup for October

Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC)

September 26 • Agenda • Summary

  • The committee approved the formation of a Network Architecture Community of Practice, which will bring together people on campus who fill a network architect role to grow the skill-set of architects on campus and to discuss standards that should drive campus network architecture in the future. The Community of Practice will present recommendations to the ANTC for approval as necessary.
  • CTO Jim Livingston presented details on the SMTP authentication change (information-only item).

October 24 • Agenda

  • The committee had a lively discussion regarding the use of private IP space at the University. No actions were taken, but members volunteered themselves and others to join the Network Architecture Community of Practice led by Clayton Barlow (discussed in the last meeting). 

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

October 5 • Agenda

  • The process for approving new members to the portfolio was clarified (the approval process should go through SITC).
  • Nate Sanders (Teaching and Learning Technologies) gave a demonstration on CaptureSpace, a new tool within Kaltura, which makes video creation much easier. He also gave a demonstration on MediaSpace, which is a tool that syncs up with MyMedia in Canvas and which allows faculty and students to upload and store media files.
  • Cory Stokes, associate dean and director for UOnline, discussed the topic of software virtualization and proposed a VDI summit to convene the campus conversation and discuss ways to deliver software to the students who pay for it. Stokes offered to organize the summit and suggested November or December 2016 as the target date for the summit.
  • Brett Puzey (Teaching and Learning Technologies) presented on standardizing A/V equipment in classrooms across campus, and explained the need to make university-wide campus standards, which would create a more seamless student and teaching experience. To address this problem, TLT will present a proposal to various committees and leadership teams, with the next step to present to the University Cabinet.
  • Jon Thomas, Director for Teaching and Learning Technologies, presented an updated document for Learning Spaces policies for next year, and discussed a few of the minor changes. 

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

  • The next SITC meeting will be held November 15, 2016 from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Dumke Room, Eccles Broadcast Center.
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