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Kudos & Congratulations - October 2016

Congratulations to Rachael Sheedy (ISO) and Cody Hudson (ISO) for winning last month's prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Kudos to Jody Sluder from UIT’s Project Management Office, for passing the PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification!

Kudos to Earl Lewis from UIT's Project Management Office, for organizing the critical Ambulatory Care Construction (ACC) project in a very short time.

~ Jill Brinton, Project Management Office

Working with Stacy Bernstone is fantastic. I am relatively new to the University and Stacy is always patient and helpful when I come to her with questions about University structure, policy, etc. She is someone with excellent follow-through, she is kind, and she knows her stuff! Kudos to Stacy for having a wealth of knowledge she is always willing to share, and for being an awesome co-worker to interact with and learn from.

~ Jodi Kunz, Identity & Access Management (ISO)

Many thanks to the network team (especially Matt Klekas, Curtis Larsen, Chris Livingston, and Destry Mulleneaux) for their amazing work on the new Farmington Clinic and Lassonde building. It took a lot of hard work, and they did a great job!

Also, a giant "thank you" to the Cable Plant crew who continue to do amazing, quality work with a staggering amount of construction going on at the University. Thank you for your efforts, dedication, and teamwork.

~ Trevor Long, Common Infrastructure Services

I would like to nominate Garth Devries for a Kudos. Garth was the software design engineer for a new process for handling official and non-official transcripts for students through a third party application called Parchment. This new process went into production last month and has been very successful. The students really like it. It used to take a day or more to get an official transcript, but with the new Parchment system, the students can get an official transcript within minutes. We were also able to retire several custom programs that were needed for the old transcript process. Great job, Garth!

~ Pat Burton, University Support Services

Kudos to Gary Carter and Marv Hawkins for arranging the Peoplesoft fit/gap meetings for HR and Finance - great job!

Kudos to Gary Carter and Jennifer Aldrich for getting uBenefits deployed live on-time.

Kudos to Barb Ianucci for her hard work on the Holistic Web Strategy Team.

Kudos to Paula Millington and Chris Pfeiffer for leading the Holistic Web Strategy meetings.

Kudos to Clay Postma for kicking off the ServiceNow service catalog effort for UIT.

~ Ken Pink, Deputy CIO

A huge thanks to Lani Twitchell for jumping in to help on a last-minute webpage project. She was quick to respond to my questions and incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks again, Lani!

~ Emily Rushton, Strategic Communication

It seems like just yesterday, but Rachael Sheedy has been with Identity & Access Management for over a year and was the first external candidate we hired to focus on the business analysis and project management needs of the program. There is much to say about her contributions; however, I'd like to highlight a few specific recent ones: SailPoint IdentityIQ-based Access Certification (User Access Audits), and the Duo Security-based 2-Factor Authentication project. Rachael has been managing these complex projects very well which allows me to focus more on the overall IAM program office needs. She is prompt, smart, and thorough on her assignments. Her “let’s do it” attitude helps the team keep making progress on various projects. IAM was a new domain to her, but she is self-motivated and has grown into it. 

I still remember Jodi Kunz's first day at the Gartner IAM Summit last year in December. Coming from a web hosting and project management background, she was another external candidate we hired to focus on the business analysis and project management needs of the program. She is very cognizant and thorough on her assignments. Starting on day one she had been tasked with several key projects such as RSA two-factor authentication on the clinical side, Directory Services consolidation, and now SailPoint Identity IQ-based Lifecycle Management Project. I don’t know how she manages it, but she is back to school pursuing her MBA, managing these complex IAM projects, and showing results no matter how challenging it may get. IAM was a new domain to Jodi as well, but she is self-motivated and has also grown into it. 

I knew Vaibhav Narula ("V") from my previous life in IAM consulting. If you are running a complex IAM program you need V on your engineering team. IAM projects are three-fold (business, security and technology), and V is experienced in all three areas. He is hardcore techie by heart and performance. Whether it's a hard disk failure or a new technology product, with V, I don't have to worry about things getting done correctly. Having V on our team helps us to keep making progress.

Words like dedicated, determined, prompt, thorough, and humble come to my mind when I think about Cody Hudson. He is one of the best assets on the IAM Operations Team. Active Directory is his realm, but he also always keeps customer success in mind. His performance is a benchmark for the IAM Operations team as they work together to "keep the lights on" - there often aren't any preset rules or procedures in place for most of the exceptions he has to deal with on a daily basis. I appreciate his current contributions with IAM operations needs around Active Directory and his future contributions towards SailPoint Identity IQ and Security IQ product based solutions and features.

If you're looking for an employee who can ease you into your job and figure out various University processes for new employees, such as benefits, uCard, travel, equipment purchases, and the complex H1B Candidates USCIS process, you will want Amber Angell in your department. While interviewing for my position at the U, Amber helped me to fly on-site for interviews, and she even dropped me back off at the airport. We don't always realize how important the initial conversation is to any candidate, and if Amber is involved, you will get the most excellent representation of the U. The entire IAM team is located at 585 Komas and we have onboarded four to six new employees. I don't know how we would have done it without Amber's help. Thank you, Amber, for all your hard work and enthusiasm!

Thanks to Rachael Sheedy, Jodi Kunz, Josh Gross, and Chris Moore for setting up the Employee Appreciation Day 2FA booth and answering questions about 2FA. We have seen enrollments moving forward with this effort. Congratulations also to our swag winners who visited the booth and participated. 

~ Subhasish Mitra, Identity & Access Management (ISO)

Over the past year, CHPC has researched and developed an affordable “private cloud” storage solution based on Ceph (, and have come up with a solution we’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks. CHPC recognizes this project team, including Sam Liston, Brian Haymore and Paul Fischer for their technical expertise and thorough research.

The Center for High Performance Computing would like to highlight student employee Amanda Allen. Amanda joined the CHPC team Spring of 2013. Her position includes supporting administrative operations and user services. While working for CHPC, Amanda continues to earn a degree in education and remains active in community service. Her fun-loving personality, willingness to help others, and inspirational drive is an undeniable strength for the department. CHPC would like to express our gratitude for Amanda's hard work and dedication as she continues to accomplish her goals.

~ Julia Harrison, Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC)

Anyone can submit an item for Kudos & Congrats! 

Simply email praise for your UIT colleagues to The people you recognize will be put into a drawing to win gift cards, event tickets, merchandise and more. Those who submit entries will also be put in a separate drawing for more prizes. (UITL members and associate/assistant directors not eligible for prizes.)

A special thank you to some exceptional campus organizations that, in the past, have donated tickets, merchandise, and gift cards to help recognize UIT employees: Athletics, Auxiliary Services, Dining Services, Kingsbury Hall, Pioneer Theatre Company, Red Butte Garden, UIT Leadership, and Utah Museum of Fine Art.

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