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Governance roundup for September

Teaching and Learning Portfolio

September 7 • Agenda

  • The portfolio discussed the student survey draft proposed by Paul Burrows in the August meeting. There were a number of suggestions from the group on how to further refine the survey, and the group came to a general agreement on how to address those items. The survey will be released to a sample student group via Student Affairs.
  • The portfolio discussed Learning Spaces funding, and broke it into three categories: to be funded, to maybe fund, and to not be funded. The group agreed on the "to be funded" list, had a very lengthy discussion about the "to maybe fund" list, and agreed on the "not funded" list. 
  • Carlos Alarco, Instructional Designer with UOnline, demonstrated a new tool for Canvas, DesignTools, which provides instructors with an integrated WYSIWYG that allows creation of custom themes for an instructor's course(s).

Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC)

September 20 • Agenda

  • The committee voted to approve requiring two-factor authentication for employees on campus and in the hospital/clinics, on the condition that the communication language is changed to say “no earlier than November 1, 2016” rather than stating a hard deadline of November 1.
  • Jim Livingston, Chief Technology Officer, gave an update on the reasoning behind the decision to disable SMTP authentication for off-campus users.
  • Paula Millington, Strategic Planning and Process Team Director, gave an update on the University's holistic web strategy progress.
  • The committee voted to approve UIT to review the U’s student email account usage and evaluate potential options to change its approach to student email. UIT will return to SITC with this data at a later date.

Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC)

  • The next ANTC meeting will be held on September 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Dumke Room, Eccles Broadcast Center.
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