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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

By Emily Rushton

For the third year in a row, UIT will be participating in National Cyber Security Awareness Month, a nationwide effort sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security to provide education about cyber threats and offer tips and best practices concerning how to stay safe online.

“National Cyber Security Awareness Month is a great chance for people to take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by the University of Utah and others to improve their own personal information security,” said Corey Roach, interim Chief Information Security Officer.

The reality is that the internet is a huge part of life – both at work and at home – and no one is immune to cyber crime. Constantly being connected means, by default, increased risks to your privacy and security every single day. Because of this, it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn how to behave safely and responsibly online.

“Learning about information security risks and staying informed on current concerns is one of the most important protections a person can have,” said Roach. “No app or technology will ever be as sophisticated as a skeptical human mind.”

This year, UIT is loosely following the format of the campaign (with a few adjustments). The topics to be covered each week include: 

Week 1 (October 3-7): Online Safety and Security Basics

Week 2 (October 10-14): Phishing, Ransomware, and Incident Reporting

Week 3 (October 17-21): Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity at the U

Week 4 (October 24-28): What's Your Aptitude?

UIT invites you to join us this October as we learn about ways to stay informed, as well as best practices for how to stay safe online.

Last Updated: 10/10/18