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Kudos & Congratulations — September 2018

Congratulations to Brandon Zimmerman (Finance) and Amy Talbot (Network and Communications Infrastructure) for winning the previous prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

A big thank you to Keith Hughes for assisting Facilities Building Access Management with bringing one of its failed camera servers back online. Keith is always willing and happy to jump in and assist our customers at any time of day.

~ Kim Tanner, Software Platform Services

I wanted to write about the excellent service we received from the Network and Communications Infrastructure team.

The fuel island phone line was having problems, and as a result, the equipment that logs fuel transactions could not upload its data. When the buffer fills up, the fuel site shuts down to prevent fuel from being dispensed without being logged.

Corey Hayes and Jason Lawes were dispatched to the site, and even though the problem was related to Century Link, they worked hard to get a temporary solution to allow the fuel monitoring equipment upload its data so the site could continue to operate for a while longer. Many of my customers have small equipment that is difficult to fuel off campus. Many of these customers are involved with events so they were really working hard to get ready for the upcoming football game and having the fuel site down made things difficult for them.

I should also note that Mike McCloskey, Corey Hale, and Corey Hayes were very helpful in pointing us in the correct direction and getting us the help we needed, including support from Austin Fullmer, Josue Smith, and Jay Moslander.

I appreciate the way your technicians did not just push the problem off as a Century Link issue and worked to help us out.

Thanks for the work you and your staff do.

Dave Rees, Workplace Services

The College of Mines and Earth Sciences network and computer support partnership began last month and many UIT and CHPC staff have risen to the challenge. I want to thank Trevor Long, Tyrel Marshall, Florian Stellet, Tom WarnickStacey Wood, Matt Munro, Julia HarrisonJoe Breen, David HeidornIrvin AllenKevin BuchanCaprice Post, and Cooper Cazedessus for the long hours of dedicated support in developing an understanding of the Mines and Earth Sciences environment and their outstanding effort in building and executing a transition plan. Sorry if I missed any names in this team effort, and great work unravelling a very complicated situation!

~ Dave Huth, Product Management

Kudos to Chris Moore and Cody Exon.

Chris and Cody provide excellent customer service. They both work with the customers to really understand the problems and see to it that they have the right resources engaged in order to get the problem solved. During a recent incident, they went above and beyond to help resolve the issue. They are wonderful assets to UIT.

~ Caprice Post, Product Management

Thank you William Gleich, Thanh Nguyen, and Jon Ross for decommissioning/migrating all of our Ubuntu 10 servers. A shout out to Jody Sluder as well for her project management efforts on this part of the project.

~ Kim Tanner, Software Platform Services

A big win that helped with the new College of Mines and Earth Sciences network and computer support partnership: Matt Munro figured out how to add new computers to the current College of Mines and Earth Sciences network. In my opinion, that is an AMAZING accomplishment. I would say he worked some magic to do that.

~ Trevor Long, Network & Core

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