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Kudos & Congratulations — September 2019

Congratulations to Heather Winters (Communications Infrastructure) and Stephen Riggs (Teaching & Learning Technologies) for winning the previous prize drawing!

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

I would like to recognize Rosalia Villegas for being so proactive in everything she does. Rosalia always takes the initiative to do the right thing and move tasks forward. She is a collaborative self-starter who doesn't take "no" for an answer and always looks for a solution that meets everyone's needs.

Thank you, Rosalia, for being a critical part of our business analysis and process improvement journey at Network Services. Your work is much appreciated.

~ Abraham Kololli, Network Services

A big thanks to Syndi Haywood and Teri Pearson for their excellent customer service. I greatly appreciated their quick action in facilitating a last minute phone change request to help us through a tough construction period! Excellent, prompt, friendly service! Thank you!

~ Jane Bushnell, University Print & Mail Services

1. Thank you to Keith Hughes and Mike Martinez for ensuring a successful CCure upgrade!

2. Thank you to the following for helping us troubleshoot the Canvas timeout issue:

Aleatha Leader, Jeff Shuckra, Ryan Millward, Brad Grow, Jason Moeller, Thanh Nguyen, Chris Livingston, Abraham Kololli, Zach Zitterkopf, Mathew Leatham, Rhay Natividad, Jon Thomas, Nico Holguin, Peter Mo, Robert Jans, Suzanne Wayment, Mike Ekstrom, Craig Bennion, Ray Carsey, Doug Kenner, Brandon Gresham, Mitch West, Ryan Hahn, Marc Thompson, Patrick Tobin, Shay Frank, Jeremy Gillen, Ed Fresco, Rob Lake, David Lake, and Clint Bowles

This was not easy task and truly took a team effort to troubleshoot.

3. Thank you to USS, Database (Rob Birkenshaw), and PS Middle Tier (Matt Leatham, Zachary Zitterkopf, and Rhay Natividad) teams for demonstrating excellent teamwork on the CRM project.

~ Kim Tanner, Software Platform Services

Kudos to Joe Breen, Brian Haymore, Sam Liston, Wayne BradfordDavid Richardson, and others for cutting concerts and days off short, driving back from home or outings, staying up extra late, and coming in early to deal with the aftermath of a humidity event at the DDC due to the big storm in early September that knocked out servers, network gear, and storage at CHPC.

~ Tom Cheatham, Center for High Performance Computing

Nathan Dougal has done an excellent job on the Campus Wi-Fi Design Update project and the Clinical Mobile Workforce project. He is making Wi-Fi better one building at a time, and our end users are starting to notice!

~ Curtis Larsen, Network Services

Thank you, Nathan Jensen, for stepping up and running with the changes to our standard classroom AV system designs and programming. These changes will be a great asset moving forward.

~ Brett Puzey, Teaching & Learning Technologies

I'd like to thank Alan Wisniewski for his willingness and efficiency with all things data center-related. He not only provides power planning, measurement and distribution, but also lays out networking planning, racking hosts/switches, labeling, documentation, cable grooming, and so much more. Thanks a lot Alan, you're a valuable asset to CHPC/UIT, and it's a pleasure to work with you.

~ Wayne Bradford, Center for High Performance Computing

A BIG thank you to the following for ensuring a successful user/departmental file share migration for Facilities:

Keith Hughes, Mike Martinez, Matt Munro, Stacey Wood, Mary Smithing, Mike McCloskey, Gavin Rackham, Jeff Haddon, Josh Keener, Sarah Miller, and Jody Sluder.

The project team overcame any barriers and worked diligently together for a smooth migration. This truly was a team effort from Facilities, Facilities IT, storage/server, PM, and the desktop teams. We could not have made it to this point without everyone involved.

Thank you!

~ Kim Tanner, Software Platform Services

Communications Infrastructure student employee Joshua Vasquez has been helping my group to begin working on communication strategy and projects for University Television (UTV). During the transiton and beyond, he's been very helpful, informative, collegial, and professional. Thank you, Josh!

~Cassandra Van Buren, Strategic Communication

Planning and managing all the details leading up to and during the UIT All-Hands Meeting is a herculean task and requires a lot of careful coordination by numerous UIT employees. Thanks to months of skilled preparation undertaken by Strategic Communication team members Jesse Drake and Larrisa Turner, and their professional handling of the event itself, the meeting was a sucess. Teaching and Learning Technology staff members Pete Hemingway, Shantell Boyce, Daniel Kang, Brinn Van Denberg, and Adam Stewart helped by scouting the meeting location and recording/posting the meeting video. Thanks to Aimee Ellett, special assistant for the CIO, for helping during the meeting and after. Thanks to Alijana Kahriman, administrative manager for the Deputy CIO, for helping us with budget matters in support of the meeting. Thanks to Judy Yeates and Caryn Ujifusa for helping transport after-event items back to 102 Tower.

On behalf of myself and everyone who attended the meeting, thank you all!

~Cassandra Van Buren, Strategic Communication

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