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Building updates: Acute Care Center, Rehabilitation Hospital

Ah, the familiar signs of spring: green grass, blue skies, purple and white flowers, and orange cones — lots of orange cones. As nature transforms the world around us, construction on two University of Utah Health complexes continues to alter the campus landscape.

Work is underway on the Acute Care Center and Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital. The two buildings — in addition to the construction of a new School of Medicine complex, Sugar House Health Center, and other health care facilities — “will enable us to revolutionize how advances in health care are discovered, taught and delivered,” according to U of U Health.

David Craig, an IT project manager with the UIT Project Management Office, provided some general updates on the projects.

Acute Care Center

Acute Care Center

With 123 treatment rooms and 72 new inpatient beds, the 305,000-square-foot Acute Care Center (ACC) is expected to support 100,000 outpatient visits per year after it opens. The facility features seven outpatient clinic modules and six state-of-the-art surgical suites, which will enable providers to serve more patients with leading-edge care that, in many cases, will allow them to go home the same day, according to U of U Health.

UIT plays a vital role in bringing the network infrastructure to life and relocating existing clinics at the new facility.

“And the Network Services, Cable, Voice Systems, and Account Executives teams,” Craig said, “are crucial to designing an infrastructure to meet current and future needs.”

The ACC will connect directly to University Hospital through a series of walkways, allowing patients, visitors, and staff to seamlessly move through both facilities. Likewise, by mirroring new and existing hospital networks, UIT can provide wireless connectivity between the two centers without interruption. This network design will support patient care and the overall experience for guests.

Additionally, Craig said the facility will have the same appearance, including the same color furniture, as University Hospital.

“The architects have designed it so it's really kind of a seamless experience,” he said.

Milestones: The Cable and Network Services teams, Craig said, have put in a lot of design work. Conduits were laid months ago, and cables are being pulled through now. Network Services has provided temporary network connections, allowing building management commissioning work to move forward. Additionally, the physical racks are in the main distribution facility (MDF) and phase one intermediate distribution facility (IDF) room are almost complete.

In progress: As construction crews prepare to transfer the building over to the hospital, Craig said, the final tie-ins between the ACC and hospital must be completed. The network team will expand the temporary network will expand up upper floors. Craig said Debbie Day and Don Landies, IT project managers for Information Technology Services (ITS), are working to design and purchase equipment and applications.

Timeline: In August, the staff will start the moving process, most of which will take place on nights and weekends under the direction of UIT Account Executive Lisa Osborne, although the move dates for each department have not yet been finalized. In November, the building should be fully occupied and ready to schedule patients.

Access a time-lapse of the construction.

Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Center

The 150,000-square-foot Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital “will be a restorative and healing environment designed to speed recovery and improve quality of life for patients after they return home,” according to U of U Health. State-of-the-art rehabilitation services include an outdoor therapy terrace, a large therapy gym, and access to renowned physicians.

Additionally, Craig said Brent Elieson, associate director for UIT’s Business and Innovation Office, and ITS’s Debbie Day are working with U of U Health to design and implement enterprise IT systems, including voice-controlled and hands-free technology, to support patients’ recovery.

“It's an opportunity where technology can really help health care,” Craig said. “It's bridging that gap between the two.”

Milestones: The foundation is up, and construction crews are building the exterior.

In progress: Teams are confirming the installed infrastructure matches the design and UIT requirements. Network Services on June 1 will provide a temporary network connection to support building systems commissioning.

Timeline: The building is scheduled to open in early 2020.

Access a time-lapse of the construction.

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