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UIT celebrates 10th anniversary of the Node 4 newsletter

The first edition of the Node 4 newsletter (October 2013)

The first edition of the Node 4 newsletter, published in October 2013. Select the image for a larger version.

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This time a decade ago, while many of you might have been upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.1 (which reached its end of life this year), UIT Strategic Communication (formerly UIT Strategic Planning and Communication) was working on a new product for UIT employees and the University of Utah community — a monthly newsletter containing IT news and announcements, employee features, event information, and more.

The team named it “Node 4,” which refers to the U’s history as the fourth node of ARPANET.

Published in October 2013, the first Node 4 newsletter featured nine items, including a column from then-Chief Information Officer Eric Denna, a feature on one employee’s viral marriage proposal, and news about a $2.4M grant for the U’s Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research (POWDER) testbed.

Here are some other fun facts about Node 4:

  • About 320 people received the first Node 4 (in .pdf format — gasp!). Now, UIT employs about 440 people, all of whom receive the email newsletter each month. There’s also the Node 4 website, which anyone can access at any time.
  • The second edition of Node 4 included a new section called “Kudos & Congrats” (now “Kudos & Congratulations”), a space where people can recognize their outstanding UIT colleagues. It’s one of our most popular features, and rightfully so.
  • We’ve published more than 1,000 articles in Node 4.

Below are some photos from early editions of the Node 4 newsletter (approximately 2013-2015).


From the UIT Wayback Machine


Meet the Strategic Communication team

Cassandra Van BurenCassandra Van Buren

Jesse DrakeJesse Drake
Communications Specialist
Patrick HarrisPatrick Harris
Technical Writer
Larrisa Beth TurnerLarrisa Beth Turner
Senior Communications Strategist




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