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Kudos & Congratulations

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Cesar Cruz (CTO organization) and Tina Nguyen (Information Security Office) for winning the last prize drawing!

Alex Longoria was very patient and helpful. Please hire more employees like him!

~ Kojo Ampiah-Davis, student  

Heather Winters is always so helpful. She responds immediately to requests and is always so positive. I appreciate that she is the one I get to go to for help. Thanks again, Heather!

~ Alexandra  Wubbels, University of Utah Health Acute Care Center

I would like to give a kudos to Earl Lewis, Dax Christensen, and Gustavo Baeza.

They have been great to work with while trying to flesh out the Network Assignment improvements that my team needs in order to be successful.

~ Dustin Udy, Information Security Office

We were installing new equipment and had to quickly pivot on what address space we were going to use. David Tubbs was able to get us what we needed in record time. He’s always been knowledgeable, helpful, and very professional. A joy to work with!

~ Todd Green, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Thank you, Samantha Lankford, for transitioning all of our agents from Avaya Agent to Avaya Workplace. Sam was available to help out with the minor kinks!

Trinh Lam, University of Utah Health Plans Clinical Operations

Aimee Morgan was super friendly with me being new to the university and reached out after our initial meeting to learn more about me.

Emily Jacoby, Roger Kowallis, and Shellie Eide have been super patient with me and are always willing to answer my questions. They have also been very supportive of my pop culture updates I share when we are in the office.

Abbey Allen, University Support Services

I would like to thank Doug Archibald, Justin Fracchia, and Farid Lopez for working hard on the transition of Student Affairs to UIT. They have been doing inventory and migrating computers to the AD domain, all while working hard on everyday tasks.

~ Jeremy Burns, CTO organization

John Ipson is the man! He has been super helpful with answering my questions with configuring our EPM console. He is very knowledgeable and patient.

~ Tyler Chmelik, CTO organization

Corey Hayes fixed my phone this morning and I'm up and running. I am very thankful for his help!

~ Laurie Darnell, Clinical Pharmacy Thrombosis Service

Corey Hayes is a seriously good at his job, I love getting assigned to him for IT issues. They are always fixed quickly with great communication. 

~ McKay Robinson, Clinical Pharmacy Thrombosis Service

Kudos to Aimee Ellett, Tina Nguyen, Jim Urry, and Joey Yang, as well as Patrick Harris, Emily Jacoby, and Tammy Mabey from the DCIO Team Spirit Committee, all of whom have been extremely helpful and delightful to work with in the past month.

~ Larrisa Turner, Strategic Communication

I wanted to take a moment to thank Josh Darling for his outstanding work assisting a customer. He submitted a ticket and the customer was extremely pleased with the quick turnaround and resolution of his issue. Josh, your dedication and hard work are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything you do!

~ Syndi Haywood, CTO organization

Just heard from Lions Eye Bank. The new adapter cable fixed the issue. Kudos to Corey Hayes for thinking about that!!

~ Lisa Osborne, CTO organization

I'd like to give a shoutout to Hayden Waters, who thought of an innovative way to use the cybersecurity tools to solve a nonsecurity issue for a long-standing problem we'd been having at the SCI Institute due to technical debt.

~ Todd A. Green, Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute


Anyone at the U can submit an item for Kudos & Congrats!

Any University of Utah faculty member, staff member, or student can submit a Kudos & Congratulations for UIT employees.

Submit your kudos and the UIT employees you commend will be entered into a monthly prize drawing. UIT employees who submit entries will also be entered in a separate prize drawing. 

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