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Meet Your Colleagues: Fiber Team

Meet Your Colleagues: Fiber Team

The Fiber Team in UIT Communications Infrastructure manages more than 38 million feet of fiber-optic cables that wind around the University of Utah. That's approximately 7,200 miles, roughly the distance from Salt Lake City to Hong Kong.

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uNID password change required for main campus

Graphic that says password and shows a lock and a password field partially filled in with protected info.

Due to a recent security incident, all University of Utah students, faculty, and staff who are not University of Utah Health employees or Epic users will be required to change their uNID passwords by Wednesday, August 5, 2020 — unless you changed your password after Sunday, July 19, 2020.

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Get help with the recent UMail, Office 365 security upgrades

A graphic of the ISO logo on a deep red background with interconnected lines and dots.

New and returning members of the U community who are unable to access UMail from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet), desktop computer, or laptop should refer to our online help articles for instructions.

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CHPC server helps create the largest 3D map of the universe

The SDSS map is shown as a rainbow of colors, located within the observable universe (the outer sphere, showing fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background).

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey recently released a comprehensive analysis of the largest 3D map of the universe ever created, in part with data processed at UIT's Center for High Performance Computing. The new results include detailed measurements of more than 2 million galaxies and quasars covering 11 billion years of cosmic time.

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RedPrint: A secure, sustainable approach to campus printing

Swoop uses a RedPrint machine.

RedPrint — administered by Managed Print Services (MPS), and supported by UIT and the U’s IT governance committees — allows users to control when and where their jobs are released, and helps MPS and its clients gain visibility into their print environments in order to make better decisions.

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