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Degree Audit is rolled into IT disaster recovery efforts

A University of Utah graduate.

More than a million audits in the Degree Audit Reporting System, or DARS, have been processed at the U since January 2021. It’s little wonder, then, that DARS was recently rolled into the U’s IT disaster recovery efforts.

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Outdoor Wi-Fi access on campus expanded

A University of Utah student uses his smartphone outside

The CARES Act opened new possibilities for connectivity outside at the U — funding 118 new Wi-Fi access points in outdoor spaces and bringing the U's total number of APs from 8,910 to 12,263.

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Sheedy rediscovers running during the pandemic

Rachael Sheedy and her family

UIT's Rachael Sheedy was desperate to get out the house, so she mapped out a gradual return to running. Her efforts culminated in the completion of her first half-marathon held in Beaver, Utah, on August 14.

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Last Updated: 4/11/22