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Kudos & Congratulations

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UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Josue Smith and Mohammed Fateh (both from the CTO organization) for winning the last prize drawing!

Kudos to Mary Smithing, Josh Keener, and Robert Veljak. These three have been very active participants in the Facilities Management ISO security assessment. Every time I find something of interest/concern, they jump on it and get it addressed. They clearly take cybersecurity seriously and it is very much appreciated.

Thank you for all of your efforts in helping make the univeristy more secure one IP address at a time. We couldn't do it without you.

~ Dustin Udy, Information Security Office

On the evening of November 16, certificate updates to the core Avaya systems and adjuncts from Sha1 to Sha2 were implemented successfully.

Thank you all for the great work, Michael Adair, UIT's Voice Systems Team (Tony JessVijay KammiliJared GronningJulia A. HarrisonDoug Johnson, and Brent Ridgeway), and the Avaya Team. We did not anticipate that this project would be completed in time to meet the PCI compliance audit and we want to express our thanks to everyone involved that made this project a success and ahead of schedule.

Thank you team!

~ Syndi Haywood, CTO organization

A HUGE kudos to Zach Zitterkopf for the work and effort he made to help bring our Production databases back online after a failed patch attempt complicated by a hardware failure. Way to go, Zach!

~ Robert Jans, CTO organization

I want to say thank you to Aldo Peralta-Pena, Matthew Lohmeyer, and my student colleagues* for always being patient with me and answering my dumb questions. You guys have taught me so many things which I wouldn't have known existed otherwise. I can't say thank you enough!

Thank you Dave Packham, Dylan Pocock, Aldo Peralta-Pena, Josh Vasquez, and my student colleagues* for meeting me on the first day of work. Thanks for making me feel welcomed and that I belong on the team. You guys are awesome.

Kudos to Dave Packham, Aldo Peralta-Pena, Dylan Pocock, Josh Vasquez, Roy Schulz, Steve Maloy, Corey Winn, Alex Miller, and Amir Masood on the UMail Team for your hard work, your fun conversations, and your GIFs! I can tell by seeing your work every day that you all are among the nicest, most hardworking people I have known.

~ Student employee*, CTO organization

Kudos to Beth Sallay, who spent countless hours in the past month troubleshooting my computer issues, updating my old laptop so I could continue to work while she analyzed my current one, and updating the system and reinstalling software on my current laptop after she figured out the issue. I appreciate that she listened to all my theories as to why it wasn't working and tested for them just in case. And I greatly appreciate the magnet and copy of "Dune" — two small things that show the endless depths of her kindness.

~ Larrisa Beth Turner, Strategic Communication 

*The Registrar has restricted the use of student names on the UIT website.

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Last Updated: 4/11/22