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Haywood receives highest award for U's Black staff

‘Shining light’ Syndi Haywood receives highest award for U’s Black faculty and staff

Syndi Haywood, associate director for UIT Voice Services and Business Administration, recently received the 2022 James McCune Smith Award of Veneration from the U’s Black Cultural Center and Black Faculty and Staff Association for being an awe-inspiring example of dignity, wisdom, dedication, and excellence.

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The U's ISO rolls out new phishing awareness efforts

The U’s ISO rolls out new phishing awareness efforts

The goal of the U’s phishing and cybersecurity awareness efforts is to educate employees (and soon, students) in a safe practice environment about phishing, social engineering, and other online threats so they can better protect themselves and the university against increasingly brazen criminals.

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Everyone is interested in your identity, including cybercriminals

Everyone’s interested in your identity — from Amazon to cybercriminals

Amazon, Google, and other online businesses know that you are the key to their success, so they focus on collecting information about you. Cybercriminals do the same. This Identity Management Day, the ISO encourages you to take extra steps to protect your online accounts and devices.

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Last Updated: 4/11/22