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Kudos & Congratulations

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Joshua Stallard (CTO organization) and Hui Qiao (University Support Services)for winning the last prize drawing!

Thank you to Lance Davis for providing me with instructions if I have issues with phone login in the future. I really appreciate it very much!

~ Katie Harwood, Revenue Cycle Support Services

Cory Hale deserves all the Kudos around. Once I was connected with him for phone issues or needs, I knew I had someone solid to work with. He is always quick to respond or help answer questions. I assist many departments, and with the at-home needs or changes to work stations he's been more than helpful and dependable. He treats all my concerns as his top priority and provides a solution with efficient time. UIT's got a good one with Cory.

~ Rachel Van Hoose, Decision Support

I want to thank Nat McCosh and Owen Lareaux for their expertise and consistent customer care. Customers recently praised these two employees for exceptional service.

A professor on campus contacted the help desk about issues with Duo. After receiving assistance, he complimented Nat's patient support and guidance, as well as his expertise and interpersonal skills.

A student moving into housing had trouble getting the support needed for internet connectivity issues. The caller felt lost and frustrated until Owen dedicated his time to troubleshooting and resolving the issue. They truly appreciated his patience, hospitable customer service, and great attitude as he walked them through the process.

~ Josh Gross, CTO organization

Kudos to the Unified Communications team for the implementation of the new encrypted email solution (PHI). The switch over to a newer, more flexible secure email encryption experience simplifies the reception and reading of end-to-end encrypted email by eliminating the registration process, which was comprehensive but cumbersome and unnecessary. It also fixes known issues that made it almost unusable for many mobile device users. Thanks to Roy Schulz and Dylan Pocock for a late-night implementation on October 14. Also thanks to the UIT StratComm team for communicating the change to hospital and campus users: Cassandra Van Buren, Larrisa Beth Turner, and Jesse Drake. And, the rest of the team: James Rice, Andrew Reich, Dave Packham, Clayton Norlen, Ryan Terry, Jake Johansen, Ray Carsey, Laurent Lecointre, Jamie Ross, Stacey Vincent, and Ariel Baughman.

~ Brent Wimber, UIT Project Management Office

Shoutout to Brandon Callahan for boosting the tweets and visibility of the UIT Twitter account!

~ Larrisa Turner, Strategic Communication

Julia A. Harrison (Voice Systems) is my hero. She is always willing to help and learn, and is always a delight to work with.

~ Aaron Bailey, Decision Support

Double thanks to Jason Lawes. I placed two work orders, not knowing I could assign two actions on one work order. Jason, saint that he is, fulfilled the work for both tickets because they were related moves. He was especially accommodating to our highly monitored and secured museum protocols, also, which makes my job infinitely easier. 

~ Rhett Jones, Utah Museum of Fine Arts

They put in a lot of hours troubleshooting, installing, etc., and we are now back in business due to their efforts, so a big thank you to Mohammed Fateh, Matt Leatham, and Ray Lacanienta for getting us back online in the UShop UIT environment after the third party changed its IP address and certs.

~ Val Olds, University Support Services

I want to thank Heather Winters with UIT Voice Systems for always working on my tickets. She has always worked on them in a timely manner and reaches out to me to get clarifications when needed or emails me with completion status. I really appreciate her for all that she's done for me and am always grateful that she gets my tickets! Thank you Heather!

~ Trinh Lam, Clinical Operations, University of Utah Health Plans

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Submit your kudos and the UIT employees you commend will be entered into a monthly prize drawing. UIT employees who submit entries will also be entered in a separate prize drawing. 

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