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Explainer: Change Management Rule (4-004E)

A graphic of the Changement Management process, as represented by seven arrows forming a donut circle. The steps, clockwise: Submit request for change (RFC), Review and categorize RFC, Add RFC to CAB agenda, Assess and authorize RFC, Schedule change, Release Management, and Review and close RFC. In the center of the circle, text reads, "Change Management process"

The Changement Management process, which starts with "Submit request for change (RFC)."

Note: Rule 4-004E was deleted, effective September 12, 2023. For more information, please access the Node article “President Randall approves revised information security policy” or visit the U's Regulations website.

The University of Utah’s Change Management Rule (4-004E) supports the Information Security Policy (4-004). The U’s IT security policy, rules, and guidelines aim to protect the university’s IT resources, systems, and data, including that of students, patients, faculty, staff, guests, vendors, and more.

What does it say?

Rule 4-004E states IT technicians must test, document, and approve any changes to the U’s IT systems and resources before implementing them. The rule details the steps required to implement a change and document the outcome. It also specifies requirements to reduce the risk of unauthorized changes to university IT systems and resources.

Why should I care?

The Change Management Rule helps to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of the U’s IT systems and resources, as well as proper communication with stakeholders and users. Simply, it ensures that all relevant parties know about the change and that the U’s IT systems and resources work properly after the change. It also makes it easier to prevent unsuccessful changes and implement similar changes in the future.

Who does it apply to?

The rule applies to all staff in an IT-related role.

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