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Kudos & Congratulations

UIT staff recognized for their excellent work

Congratulations to Rachel Burgie (CTO organization) and Jesse Adams (Information Security Office) for winning the last prize drawing!

Heather Winters is continuously amazing, excellent, wonderful, etc., and she makes my job wrangling phone numbers and phone trees in my department 10,000 times easier. I always direct my UIT requests to Heather because she knows what I'm asking for even if I don't know what I'm asking for myself.  😊  She deserves a raise, praise, cookies, and cake.

~ Mandy Skonhovd, Human Resources Management

Heather Winters was absolutely amazing to work with. She was patient to understand what needed to be done. She helped me set up a new phone line for a provider and mask the outbound number. She also helped me look into other issues that we found unexpectedly. She took the time to help me work through so much more than what was in my trouble ticket. At the end of getting things squared away, she was able to educate me in matters of cost (in regard to phone services) and save me money by cancelling lines that were not being utilized. Her services were greatly and sincerely appreciated! Thank you very much Heather!

~ Adam Poche, Clinical Operations, Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Clayton Norlen, I appreciate how reliable, knowledgeable, kind, and honest you are with every project and/or IT need. It is also your downfall because you are the go-to for all. Sorry, not sorry! Appreciate you!

~ Anna Gallegos, Patient Experience, University of Utah Health

Thank you so much for your help in the complex work of getting patient comments to caregivers, Clayton Norlen! We couldn't do this without your expertise.

~ Kathryn Young, Patient Experience, University of Utah Health

Good job, Stephen Campbell, for helping train me as I start my new position at UIT.

~ Joseph Bridges, Finance

Congrats, Joseph Bridges, on completing your first week! Welcome aboard to the team.

~ Stephen Campbell, Finance

I want to give a big shoutout to our new team member, Abbey Allen, for diving headfirst into our support queue and also tackling a new web build project with a tight deadline. Abbey, you knocked it out of the park, and we're incredibly grateful to have you on our team!

~ Emily Jacoby, Web Support & Usability

Denise Kovacevic is always so kind when assisting with my (seemingly endless) phone issues, which almost always end up being user error. Ha! Thanks for all your help and kindness, Denise!

I also want to mention that Roland Curtis is amazing, too! Your team is so great to work with.

~ Dustin Acheson, Hospital Telephone & Communications

We want to give Kudos to Wyatt Dean. Wyatt is a lead technical support staff member for us in Digital Learning, Classes and Event Support. Wyatt has been facilitating the Board of Trustees meetings for the university. These meetings have never gone smoother; when Wyatt is there and anything comes up, Wyatt always has a great idea. Wyatt also does a lot in the office for us. When asked to jump in and help, he always does; when something needs fixing, he just does it without passing it off. Wyatt is such a valuable person on our team that we would not be the same without Wyatt.

~ Peter Hemingway, Digital Learning Technologies

I want to give Kudos to Jim Urry! Jim truly cares about making positive contributions to teams and individuals through process improvement. My day is always better when I have the opportunity to interact or collaborate with him. He loves people and is intrigued by what makes us unique and what makes us tick. I value having him as a teammate and friend. He has made my work more enjoyable since he rejoined the team.

~ Kelly Tomlinson, Strategic Planning & Process Team

Kudos to Roland Curtis and Corey Hayes for solving an Aux Code issue on Avaya Workplace. The work they did allows the call centers to begin the transition from One-X Agent to Avaya Workplace.

~ Jared Gronning, CTO organization

Brian Harris, the data wizard, is extremely responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and positive when we have data needs for solutions to timely issues. When we are under pressure for a solution, Brian's service excellence is a big relief. Thank you, Brian!

~ James Urry, Strategic Planning & Process Team

Drew Lasson — We had a critical service go down and needed to have a certificate issued expediently. Drew stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park, having the approval done in short order, and we were back up and running!
Dustin Udy — He's always available and eager to help us with any IT security needs and will always give his best effort to come up with an innovative solution that will work for both our org and the university as a whole.
Hayden Waters — There was a issue with one of the security tools, and Hayden quickly jumped on the issue and worked tirelessly until we had the issue mitigated, and then followed up continuously as we worked toward a solution, allowing our researchers to meet their deadlines for both papers and grants.
Jake Johansen — He has the tough job of being the “bad cop” on campus, but he always does it with professionalism and integrity. He'll listen to your input and try to come up with a solution that can meet your needs and those of the university as a whole. For the times where a change just must be made, he'll thoroughly explain the reasons behind it in a way that you can bring to your users so that everyone can move forward.

~ Todd Green, SCI Institute

Thank you, Alisha Webb, for going above and beyond to help us with voicemail issues. Appreciate all you did for us.

~ Robyn Hinderman, Hunstman Cancer Institute

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