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Deputy CIO All-Hands Meeting Roundup

Deputy CIO All-Hands Meeting Roundup

The Deputy CIO All-Hands Meeting on April 5 kicked off with refreshments and words of appreciation from Deputy CIO Ken Pink and CIO Steve Hess.

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'This is just a vision' - Data Center Tour Surprises, Impresses Visitors

'This is just a vision' - Data center tour surprises, impresses visitors

Some university affiliates walked in expecting neon lights and darkened clusters (and maybe Edward Snowden), but walked away with a much different perspective of the facility that houses a  significant  portion of the U's storage and server capabilities.

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IT governance roundup

IT Governance Roundup

The Enterprise Web Advisory Council (EWAC) met on April 11, and the Architecture and New Technology Committee (ANTC) met on April 22. The Teaching and Learning Portfolio (TLP) will meet April 30. The Strategic Information Technology Committee (SITC) did not meet this month. EWAC will next meet on May 9, ANTC will meet on May 20, SITC will meet on May 21, and TLP will meet on May 23.

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Annual UIT Knowledge Base Review Moves to ServiceNow

Annual UIT Knowledge Base review moves to ServiceNow

The comprehensive annual review process, which asks subject matter experts from UIT and other campus organizations to carefully review articles under their purview, will now take place on a rolling basis via ServiceNow.

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