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UIT recognizes employees' milestone years of service

A thumbnail view of some of UIT's milestone years of service honorees, who represent 10-45 years of dedication to the organization and university.

A thumbnail view of some of UIT's milestone years of service honorees, who represent 10-45 years of dedication to the organization and university.

  • A combat archer with armor weighing more than 57 pounds
  • A computational scientist who’s ridden the same bicycle to work for 26 years
  • A model hobbyist with a third degree black belt in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate-do
  • An engineer who contracted with NASA to analyze the impact space travel on bone

You know … just your run-of-the-mill UIT employees.

To honor these exceptional people, during the week of November 16-20, UIT recognized 32 staff members who represented 10 to 45 years of service and commitment to the organization and University of Utah. Each day, employees received an email with the names of that year’s cohort and a link to a Microsoft Teams channel. Subchannels included photos and fun facts, and allowed colleagues to share their well wishes in lieu of UIT’s annual in-person Milestone Years of Service ceremony.

Please join us in congratulating the following years of service honorees for their many contributions.

10 years

  • Brandon Gresham
  • Simi May
  • Thanh Nguyen
  • Aubrey Schrag
  • Chalimar Swain
  • Matthew Timpson

15 years

  • Geoffrey Anderson
  • Nathan Eldredge
  • Roger Kowallis
  • David Sexton
  • Chad Thurman
  • Bryan Wooten

20 years

  • Martin Cuma
  • Garth Devries
  • Cory Hale
  • Robert Lake
  • Amir Masood
  • John Norris
  • Chris Pfeiffer
  • Beth Sallay
  • Suzanne Wayment
  • Steve Wright

25 years

  • Steve Adams
  • Cindy Devine
  • Doug Kenner
  • Jody Sluder

30 years

  • Wayne Bradford
  • Dylan Pocock
  • David Sageser
  • Rick Titus

45 years

  • Steve Hess 


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