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UKG outage remediation teams praised for response

Image of a programmer pointing to code on a desktop computer.

The U of U and U of U Health arguably faced “a good crisis” in late 2021 when the Ultimate Kronos Group experienced a security breach. Timekeeping and payroll system remediation efforts at the university were immediate, and included the development of interim IT solutions.

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UIT has promoted around 45 interns to full-time staff since 2012

Mitch West, from left, and Doug Kenner laugh while eating lunch during the 2019 UIT holiday luncheon and prize drawing.

Although they could take jobs at well-known private-sector tech companies, UIT student employees often decide to pursue and accept full-time positions in UIT after their internships because the organization offers unique benefits.

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Summit centers on UIT student program growth

Jens Phanich, a student intern in the UIT University Support Services Quality Assurance group.

A UIT student employee summit took place August 18 at the Downtown Data Center. The purpose of the summit was to talk about the state of UIT's student program, discuss challenges, and gather feedback.

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UIT successfully 'reboots' for the start of school year

Image of a student studying in Kahlert Village, courtesy of the University of Utah

Before students settled into their seats on the first day of classes, cross-functional IT teams performed a range of activities like deploying IT changes, adding and supporting new tools for academics and research, and migrating services to cloud-hosted platforms.

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Last Updated: 8/31/22