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Network News: Fast Facts Highlights Team Achievements

Network News: Fast Facts highlights team achievements

Things move fast in IT — so fast It can be hard to pause and reflect on accomplishments. Business Data Analyst Rosalia Villegas hopes that her Fast Facts document casts some light on the successes of UIT's Network & Core team in 2018.

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UIT Infrastructure Updates: new U of U Health Clinic, Residence Hall

IT infrastructure updates: new U Health clinic, residence hall

If it seems like there’s always construction on U properties, well, there is. For these projects, UIT is responsible for coordinating the design, construction, and implementation of IT infrastructure in each building.

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Photos: SVP Dan Reed, U Leaders Tour the Downtown Data Center

Photos: SVP Dan Reed, U leaders tour the Downtown Data Center

Nearly seven years after the Downtown Data Center (DDC) opened, interest in one of the university’s better-kept secrets still hasn’t waned. On February 19, UIT leadership gave U administrators a tour of the facility.

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