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UIT leaders applaud readiness efforts for VP debate

VP debate

A legion of UIT staff and other IT professionals spent almost a year working to ensure that the 90 minute debate would be successful — from delivering the extensive dedicated network core and backbone for the debate hall and related venues, to providing IP streaming capability for 140 TVs.

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UIT Leadership Spotlight: Chris Stucker, Identity & Access Management

Chris Stucker, associate director for Identity & Access Management

The former Army officer — who loves working among the Information Security Office's powerhouse employees, knocking down obstacles, and stargazing with his wife — says cybersecurity never takes a day off, driving him to learn and improve every day.

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Students 'level up' monthly meetings with Minecraft

Minecraft 102 Tower

Before the pandemic, interns in UIT’s Student University Development Opportunity (sUdo) program used to meet once a month for a “tabletop” team-building event with snacks, board games, and video games. This semester, they rebooted the meetings with a twist — in a virtual office in Minecraft.

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UIT's Vaibhav Narula wins 2020 U Staff Excellence Award

Narula award

The Identity & Access Management senior architect — one of 23 recipients for the 2020 Academics and Student Affairs District Staff Excellence Award — is one of only eight University of Utah employees selected to receive the 2020 University Staff Excellence Award and $3,750 honorarium.

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Cyber smart actions help make our world safer, more secure

A blue-hued illustration of the Earth surrounded by a network of lines and dots, sometimes connected by encircled locks..

If everyone does their part — implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences, or training employees — our interconnected world will be safer and more resilient.

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