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UIT All-Hands Meeting RECAP

Worksite location survey, strategic plan discussed

The UIT Leadership (UITL) Team would like to thank everyone who attended the UIT All-Hands Meeting on June 14, 2022, hosted via Zoom by Chief Information Officer Steve Hess, Ph.D. A video recording, transcript, and slides were made available to employees on June 14.

Steve Hess, Chief Information Officer

Steve Hess, Chief Information Officer

Hess kicked off the meeting by observing several key leadership changes at the University of Utah, including his new boss and interim senior vice president for academic affairs, Martell Teasley, Ph.D.; a new university president, Dr. Taylor Randall, Ph.D., and a new interim vice president for research, Erin Rothwell, Ph.D, in addition to seven new deans.

“There truly has been a sea change of leadership at the university,” Hess said.

The meeting included a high-level look at the results of an employee survey about worksite location models, highlights of UIT’s FY2023 strategic plan — achievements and initiatives that align with the university’s four strategic goals — a brief introduction of UITL members, recognition of recent retirees and new staff, and a Q&A session.

Hess detailed some of UIT’s FY2022 accomplishments:

Hess also listed several FY2023 initiatives in progress:

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to the results from a survey intended to gauge the feelings of UIT employees about future workplace arrangements.

Hess concluded the meeting by praising the hard work of all UIT employees who have steered the organization through an unprecedented time in the university’s history.

“It’s been one of the most challenging and interesting experiences we’ve ever had,” Hess said. “All I can say is that UIT performed a miracle.”

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Last Updated: 6/29/22