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Slideshow: 2020 UIT year in review

What a year.

As we close the door on 2020, let's take a moment to reflect on some of UIT's most notable achievements, events, and employee features and news.

For starters, UIT staff came together to pull off a smooth and more secure IT experience for the University of Utah and University of Utah Health as many courses and services shifted online. UIT teams also worked tirelessly to set up infrastructure for the COVID-19 testing sites, and later, the vice presidential debate, as well as to perform a series of UMail security upgrades. Other notable projects this year included the initial launch and redesign of the MobileU app, and various network and software licensing upgrades courtesy of CARES Act funding. 

View the slideshows

For some of UIT's best moments, access these curated slideshows.

In Node 4, we highlighted some amazing UIT teams and staff, including the Account Executives, Web Application Development & Automation Team, Copper Team, Fiber Team, Network Edge, Kim Tanner, Dan Thornley, Judy Yeates, Doug Kenner, Rachael Sheedy, Doug Johnson, Amy Talbot, Chris Stucker, Kariann Hibbard, and Beth Sallay and Jan Lovett. We also bid farewell to Paul Burrows, Glen Cameron, and Jim Turnbull, all of whom retired last summer.

We met some fresh faces, including the Northstar team, which is embedded in University Support Services, and we celebrated some old ones during a first-ever Milestone Years of Service week with fun facts and photos posted in Microsoft Teams. We also congratulated Vaibhav Narula, a 2020 U Staff Excellence Award winner, and Roger Kowallis, this year's Kevin Taylor Memorial Service Award winner.

Although most of us worked alone from home, we still spent a lot of time together — online — where we discovered new ways to bond and have fun. ISO staff hosted a Zoom background contest, sUdo employees created a Minecraft version of 102 Tower for meetups, and USS held a completely virtual Halloween party. In the UIT Employees Teams channel, some of you even shared what it's like to work from home, and shared photos of your pets, home offices, and more. 

And we captured most of it!

For some of UIT's best moments, access the curated slideshows above.

As always, but especially this year, UIT Leadership members extend their heartfelt appreciation to the organization's talented and dedicated employees, wishing them and all of UIT’s partners a happy holiday season!

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